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Concrete Resurfacing Sydney

Unlock premium concrete resurfacing services in Sydney with Concrete Lifestyle Australia. Elevate your property’s aesthetics and value through our specialised resurfacing solutions.

Transform Your Concrete Surfaces

Revitalise Your Existing Concrete Space with Durable Resurfacing

Revitalise your concrete surfaces with premium resurfacing services from Concrete Lifestyle Australia in Sydney. Our bespoke solutions are designed to not only enhance the visual appeal of your concrete but also its durability and functionality. 

Whether it’s repairing damages or introducing a modern look with a wide selection of colours, our services transform your existing concrete into a stunning, long-lasting feature.

Why Opt for Concrete Resurfacing?

the Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

  • Revive and Modernise: Upgrade your outdated or worn concrete surfaces, including stamped or stencil-patterned concrete, to a modern aesthetic.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: A budget-friendly alternative to full replacement, resurfacing offers substantial savings while revitalising your space.
  • Eco-Friendly Renovation: Opting for resurfacing contributes to a more sustainable renovation approach by minimising waste.
  • Property Value Enhancement: Improve your property’s appeal and market value with a beautifully resurfaced concrete area, an excellent long-term investment.

Unparalleled Service Quality

In Sydney and looking for top-notch concrete resurfacing? Concrete Lifestyle Australia is your go-to for seamless service from beginning to end, focusing on competitive pricing and complete customer satisfaction. We also recommend a biennial wash and seal to keep your surfaces in pristine condition.

Steps to Excellence

Our Expert Resurfacing Process

We ensure your project meets the highest standards through a detailed, step-by-step approach

1. Site Inspection and Pricing

Our team begins by conducting a site inspection to evaluate the condition of your concrete surface and area to determine the best approach for the concrete resurfacing area (s). We also take into account any specific requirements or preferences that you the client may have. When attending site Concrete lifestyle Australia will show you the large colour options available in person and also visually see a d touch what concrete resurfacing looks and feels like with our unique sample boards made specifically for site visits and assisting clients with making their decisions process easier. Once we have assessed our clients brief and gathered all necessary information, we then send this information back to our office In order to get back to you with pricing.

2. Surface Preparation & Repairs

The next step is to clean the surface thoroughly by removing any dirt, stains, or other contaminants that may interfere with the resurfacing process. At Concrete lifestyle Australia we aim to grind all surface areas in order to guarantee a long-lasting concrete resurfacing job. Other companies may choose to pressure wash or acid wash however with all the extensive years of resurfacing we find grinding is the “bullet proof” method for longevity. Concrete Lifestyle Australia repair all cracks, spalling, or other concrete surface damage by repairing and reinforcing. However due to the un-predictability of cracks and ground movements, Concrete lifestyle Australia have very limited warranty on crack repairs.

3. Application of Concrete Resurfacing Material:

Once the surface is clean and prepped, we apply the resurfacing material or coating. We use high-quality materials that are specifically designed for concrete resurfacing, ensuring that the surface is durable, long-lasting, and visually appealing. Our team has extensive experience in applying various resurfacing materials, such as stamped concrete, colored concrete, and more.

4. Sealing & Curing of the Surface:

Once the concrete resurfacing material has been applied, a specific a high-quality concrete resurfacing sealer is applied. This sealer protects the surface from stains, wear and tear, and other forms of damage. The sealer also enhances the surface’s durability and longevity, ensuring that it looks great for years to come. We recommend not driving on surface for up to 4 days after application has been completed in order to ensure full curing of the surface. In order to increase the life of your new concrete resurfacing and keeping it looking new and amazing for years on end, we highly recommend a wash and seal every 2 years.

A Reflection of Our Commitment

Customer Testimonials

Our dedication is mirrored in the positive feedback from clients, celebrating the transformation of their driveways, patios, and pool surrounds.

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Highly recommended. Professional, thorough and responsive. Very prompt with questions relating to our driveway resurfacing job from start to finish. Took care to make sure the prep was done properly and kept us informed through the whole process.
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Damien & the team from the initial visit to our place helped us pick what type of floor would suit our house best & we couldn't be more happier in the end result. Highly recommend!!
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Concrete Lifestyle were professional from the very first contact & installation was extremely efficient. All staff were polite & concientious & I reccomend them to anyone looking to resurface their concrete.
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A reliable business, right on schedule and appointment. Great results and happy with the services. Would highly recommend.
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I am very happy with the finished work. The staff were helpful in explaining the process. The job was finished on time.
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Great Service, excellent team and job professionally done. Highly recommend them
Read More
Damien from Concrete Lifestyle did an amazing job doing concrete resurfacing on our back patio. The end result looks incredible looking like brand new, I would highly recommend him to anyone that's looking for great prices with fast and professional concreting.

Why Concrete Lifestyle Australia Stands Out

If you’re in the market for concrete resurfacing in Sydney, there are plenty of companies to choose from. However, not all businesses are created equal. Concrete Lifestyle stands out from the competition for a couple of reasons.

  • Extensive Experience: Our team’s expertise guarantees top-quality results, adhering to Australian standards.
  • Superior Materials: Only the finest materials are used for durable, attractive finishes.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: Our commitment to excellence includes ensuring clear communication and timely completion.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer exceptional value with free, no-obligation quotes, underscoring our dedication to customer satisfaction.
About Concrete Resurfacing

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries regarding concrete resurfacing, including benefits, cost, durability, customisation options, and required maintenance.

Concrete resurfacing is a process where a thin layer of a specially formulated coating is applied over existing concrete surfaces. This method revitalises the appearance of your concrete, providing a new, fresh look without the need for complete replacement. Benefits include enhancing aesthetic appeal, increasing property value, improving durability against wear and tear, and offering a cost-effective solution compared to new concrete installations. It’s an ideal choice for updating driveways, patios, and pool areas, making them safer and more appealing.

No, concrete resurfacing is not new concrete. It involves applying a new layer or coating to an existing concrete surface to improve its appearance and durability. This process rejuvenates and enhances the existing concrete without the need to pour new concrete.

The cost of concrete resurfacing varies based on several factors, including the size of the area, the condition of the existing concrete, the complexity of the design, and the choice of materials and finishes. On average, resurfacing can be more economical than replacing the entire concrete slab. For a precise quote tailored to your specific project needs, we recommend contacting Concrete Lifestyle Australia for a free consultation.

Typically, a concrete resurfacing project in Sydney can be completed within 1-3 days. However, this timeframe can vary depending on the project’s scale, the condition of the existing surface, weather conditions, and the specific techniques and materials used. Our team ensures minimal disruption, working efficiently to deliver high-quality results within the agreed timeline.

Yes, resurfaced concrete surfaces are designed to be durable and withstand the test of time. With the use of high-quality materials and proper application techniques, resurfaced concrete can last for many years, often as long as new concrete installations. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and resealing every two years, can further extend the lifespan and maintain the appearance of your resurfaced concrete.

Safety is a priority in all our concrete resurfacing projects. The materials we use for resurfacing can be textured to create a slip-resistant surface, making it safer for walking and driving, especially in wet conditions. This feature is particularly beneficial for pool decks, driveways, and other outdoor areas where water exposure is common.

Absolutely! One of the great advantages of concrete resurfacing is the versatility in design options. We offer a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures to choose from, allowing you to customise the look of your resurfaced concrete to complement your property’s style. Whether you’re looking for a natural stone appearance, a modern geometric pattern, or a specific colour scheme, we can tailor the resurfacing process to meet your aesthetic preferences.

Maintaining a resurfaced concrete surface is straightforward and involves regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris, along with periodic resealing every two years to protect the surface from wear, stains, and weather damage. We provide detailed care instructions and recommend specific cleaning products and techniques to ensure your resurfaced concrete remains in excellent condition.

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